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Billie Holiday, appunti per un breve racconto

Artistic Collective Women 2024

BH, appunti per un breve racconto, is a notebook: a few notes for a short story. Stains, flashes, and suggestions give back a minimal part of the extraordinary complexity of the artist that was Billie Holiday.

She is a woman who, in her short life, has weathered fierce storms, fought great battles, and experienced heartbreaking feelings that she knew how to deliver to the world through the only way she knew: her incomparable voice, which still today continues to make us vibrate, move, inspire.

Our first installation

in Shenzhen

AI Digital Dance - Infinity Room

The Gift of the Gods Exhibition

On July 26th the Oriental Metropolitan Museum, in Nanjing, China and on December 9th in Guangzhou unveiled an exhibition titled "The Gift of the Gods."

This exhibit presents an extensive array of artifacts from Apulia, Italy including intricately painted ceramics, sculptures, paintings, terracotta pieces and exquisite gold craftsmanship. It draws viewers in with its link between civilizations and modern times.

Our first installation

in Shenzhen


Shenzhen Augmented
Data Sculpture

Shenzhen Augmented Data Sculpture is a Projected-AR Audio-Visual installation commissioned by PLD Marketing & Planning Co., Ltd.

It was exhibited on 4th December in Huaqiang North Road Commercial District to celebrate the 40th anniversary of establishing the special economic zone of Shenzhen.

Our finest production

for the Opera

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