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50th Anniversary Night

Plàcido Domingo

@ Arena di Verona 2019

Our collaboration with Placido Domingo, one of the most famous and beloved artists of the opera music scene, began in 2009.
In 2019, For the celebrations of his 50 years of career on the Arena di Verona stage, we designed and curated the stage sets and video projections of opera pieces from Nabucco, Macbeth, and Simon Boccanegra.

We wrapped the big arena stage with our video projections to obtain a modular and dynamic scene with an immersive effect, able to quickly change between the three different settings.
The video dynamics, combined with traditional scenic movements, led the audience towards liquid or arid, lush or dark, naturalistic or architectural atmospheres. Babylonian palaces, ravines of a nocturnal castle, the forest, the fire of battle, marinas crossed by sails, panoramic views, and deserts have followed one another to frame the extraordinary voice of Placido Domingo.


Nabucco: Plácido Domingo
Zaccaria: Marko Mimica
Fenena: Géraldine Chauvet
Ismaele: Arturo Chacón-Cruz
Anna: Elisabetta Zizzo
Abigaille: Anna Pirozzi
Gran Sacerdote di Belo: Romano Dal Zovo
Abdallo: Carlo Bosi

Macbeth: Plácido Domingo
Macduff :Arturo Chacón-Cruz
Malcolm: Carlo Bosi
Lady Macbeth: Anna Pirozzi
Un Dottore: Romano Dal Zovo
Una Dama: Lorrie Garcia

Simon Boccanegra: Plácido Domingo
Gabriele Adorno: Arturo Chacón-Cruz
Amelia: Anna Pirozzi
Fiesco: Marko Mimica


Set & Visual Design: Ezio Antonelli
Set & Visual Design Assistant: Federica Caraboni
Set & Visual Design Assistant: Livio Savini

CG Supervisor: Roberto Santoro
CG Artist: Giuseppe Flora
CG Artist: Francesca Cianniello
CG Artist: Fabrizio Centonze

Orchestra conductor: Jordi Bernàcer
Director: Stefano Trespidi
Choreography: Giuseppe Picone
Orchestra choir director: Vito Lombardi
Dancers Supervisor: Gaetano Petrosino
Stage Set Director: Michele Olcese
Orchestra, Choir, Dance e Technical Operators of the Verona Arena

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