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AI Digital Dance - Infinity Room

The Gift of the Gods Exhibition

@ Guangzhou Maritime Museum 2024

On July 26th the Oriental Metropolitan Museum, in Nanjing, China and on December 9th in Guangzhou unveiled an exhibition titled "The Gift of the Gods."

This exhibit presents an extensive array of artifacts from Apulia, Italy including intricately painted ceramics, sculptures, paintings, terracotta pieces and exquisite gold craftsmanship. It draws viewers in with its link between civilizations and modern times.

A Fusion of Innovation and Heritage

Commisioned by Janet Hong from Shenzhen PLD Marketing Planning, this project embarked us on an exploration of the significance of dance in Greek culture. More than performances, dance was an expression deeply woven into the fabric of Greek society. A reflection of the spirit of the time.

At the heart of this initiative lies the Infinity Room by Blending Pixels.

The project stands as a testimony to Roberto Santoro's decade-long journey with technology and art expression. From retrofitting webcams for infrared capture to harnessing Kinect's body-tracking capabilities, Santoro's evolution culminates into this project. It leverages custom AI algorithms provided with depth-sensing data to recreate mythical figures in the evocative style of ancient Greek pottery.

The installation crafts an interaction between the past and the present through a clever blend of mirrors, video projection, and computer graphics intertwined with a custom-trained AI generative model.

Visitors stand alongside Apulian dancers Francesco Lacatena and Grazia Micoli, their figures transformed and intertwined within an endless reflective space.

Choreographed by Vito Cassano and brought to life through the melodies of Kyotolp and Rome in Reverse, the installation encapsulates the essence of ancient Greek dance. It reflects the movement of the spirit, navigating from the past times of Hellenic culture to the contemporary epoch.

Into the Infinity

The installation is an ode to the Dancing Maenad, a seamless loop connecting the ancient with the modern. Each sequence, derived from AI-processed images, stitches together the color and depth data of the recorded dancers with a specially curated dataset of Greek paintings. Moreover, the installation transcends mere visual pleasure, inviting participants into an interactive narrative where they witness and become part of the timeless cycle of celebration. Surrounded by an infinity of mirrors, they see themselves merged with the AI-reimagined dancers, blurring lines between viewer and performer, past and present.

An Invitation to Discovery

The AI Digital Dance - Infinity Room is more than an art installation. It is an invitation to explore the enduring legacy of ancient Greek culture, celebrating the universality of dance as a medium that bridges time and space. It prompts a reflection on our shared heritage, evoking a sense of connection that spans continents and centuries.

As you step into the Infinity Room, prepare to embark on a voyage that transcends the boundaries of reality, delving into a world where past and present coalesce into a timeless narrative of art, culture, and technology.


Creative Director

Roberto Santoro

Dance Director

Vito Cassano

Music Composer


Rome in Reverse



Grazia Miccoli

Francesco Lacatena

Our finest production

for the Opera