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Andrea Chénier

Andrea Bocelli

@ Teatro del Silenzio 2018

Inside the magnificent setting of the Teatro del Silenzio, created at the behest of Andrea Bocelli in the natural amphitheater of the Tuscan hills of Lajano, near Volterra, we have recreated a classical setting for the Andrea Chénier Opera.

The challenge was to combine the projected scene with a natural location while maintaining the landscape vision, including the ArtInsolite project's large installation.

We projected our digital sets across the entire space of the stage, through a translucent tulle and directly onto the surrounding mappable surfaces, including a bridge that spanned the entire stage.

The video sequences we made contributed to the emotional involvement of the audience. Thus, the spectator was totally captured in an all-encompassing spiral, created by direction, dramaturgy, and set design.


Andrea Chènier: Andrea Bocelli
Maddalena: Sabina Cvilak
Carlo Gerard: Vladimir Stoyanov
Contessa di Cogny: Simona di Capua
Pietro Fleville: Roberto Accurso
l’Incredibile: Roberto Covatta
l’Abate: Emanuele Giannino
Dumas/Schmitt: Matteo Ferrara
Roucher: Gianfranco Montresor
Fouquier Tinville/Il Maestro della Casa: Mattia Denti
Matthieu: Enrico Marabelli
Bersi: Paola Sanguinetti
Madelon: Alessandra Palomba


Set Design: Ezio Antonelli
Set Design Assistant, CG artist: Federica Caraboni
Set Design Assistant: Francesca Rao

CG Supervisor: Roberto Santoro
CG Artist: Giuseppe Flora
CG Artist: Alessandro Minenna

Production: City Sound & Events
Director: Stefano Trespidi

Orchestra conductor: Steven Mercurio
Orchestra: Czech National Symphony Orchestra
Chorus: Teatro del Silenzio
Orchestra choir director: Sonia Franzese
Costume designer: Lorena Marin

Photo Courtesy of GD-Giovanni Daniotti and City Sound & Events

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