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Don Giovanni

Directed by Enrico Stinchelli

@ Teatro Filarmonico Verona 2019

Enrico Stinchelli's Don Giovanni inaugurates the 2019 opera season at the Teatro Filarmonico of Verona. The director entrusted us with the project and the realization of the set design.

The scenes, created by Ezio Antonelli, are inspired by the visionary and revolutionary architecture of Étienne-Louis Boullée and Claude-Nicolas Ledoux.

The video projection design created a completely virtual visual environment, in constant dynamic evolution, in which immersive virtual images have completed some scenic elements. Front projections on double black tulle (one proscenium and the other interior) are added to a backlit backdrop.

The scene and the actions acquire depth and appear wrapped in plastic environments that, as they move, almost make up a large paper theater (Toy Theater).

Gardens, landscapes, buildings, doors, windows... like watercolors, cut out in silhouettes, flow fluidly with apparitions and revelations.

Images filmed on the green screen and visions reflected on semi-reflective 3D surfaces have recreated a world of the end of the 18th century.


Visual Design: Ezio Antonelli

Set Design Assistant, Graphic Design: Federica Caraboni

Set Design Assistant, Graphic Design: Livio Savini

CG Supervisor: Roberto Santoro

CG Artist: Giuseppe Flora

CG Artist: Francesca Cianniello

Orchestra conductor: Renato Balsadonna

Director and set: Enrico Stinchelli

Costume designer: Maurizio Millenotti

Light Designer: Paolo Mazzon

Maestro del Coro: Vito Lombardi

Direttore Allestimenti scenici: Michele Olcese

Orchestra, Coro e Tecnici dell'arena di Verona


Don Giovanni: Andrea Mastroni

Il Commendatore: George Andguladze

Donna Anna: Laura Giordano

Don Ottavio: Antonio Poli

Donna Elvira: Veronika Dzhioeva

Leporello: Biagio Pizzuti

Masetto: Davide Giangregorio

Zerlina: Barbara Massaro

Our finest production

for the Opera