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Medimex 2023

Projected AR Mapping Show

@ Taranto - Castello Aragonese 2023

We held this performance every night from the 15th to the 18th of June, 2023. This unique experience involved the audience in a journey through music and colors.

We are proud of our work and grateful for the opportunity to express our creativity this way. We will continue to work passionately and diligently to offer the best in projected AR experiences.

Projected Augmented Experience

WTH?! Projected Augmented What?? What are We talking about?

Why don't we say just projection mapping?

We don't like to refer to it simply as projection mapping, which is just the technique; instead, we will refer to it as a Projected Augmented Reality Experience.

In an era when Apple is avoiding terms like VR, XR, and AR, opting instead for Spatial Computing for the VR goggles they are launching, on the other hand, we firmly believe that the term Projection-Mapping doesn't fully encompass what we accomplished for Medimex 2023.

We used a combination of technologies and techniques to create a unique experience transcending the traditional boundaries of projection mapping. Of course, we carefully mapped each castle's surface with accurate drone photogrammetry and accurate laser measurements.

We used a digital twin of the Taranto Castle district to create a virtual environment where we could test our animations and effects from different points of view and make decisions about the best way to use the space.

But we also used the same technology to tell this story cohesively, avoiding the clichés often associated with the Projection-Mapping technique.

Eh ehm... There's just one Voronoi fracture, but reversed, used to build, not to destroy the facade... Eh eh... In general, we avoided the excessive use of common visual effects and clichè in traditional projection mapping shows.

The Music

Let's start with the music, the foundation of our entire project, considering that Medimex is a music festival.

A carefully curated and selected playlist, prepared by the Artistic Director of Medimex, Cesare Veronico, provided a beautiful soundtrack that allowed our creativity to succeed.

Lou Reed - Walk on the Wild Side

Blondie - One Way Or Another

Talking Heads - Psycho Killer

The Ramones - I Wanna Be Sedated This musical selection set the stage for a multi-sensory experience, immersing the audience in a world where sound and light merge into a single narrative. The playlist was not just a background element; it was a core component of the storytelling, guiding the audience through each act of the performance with rhythm and emotion.

The Concept

We worked on extending the Medimex communication visuals of this and the past years, animating and experimenting with the characters by Tommaso il Grafico, aka Tagrafo, to create engaging animations accompanying the narrative.

Our project was divided into four parts, each associated with one of the key themes of this year's Medimex communication: the Ritual, the Idea, the Craft, and the Dream.

The Ritual - Walk on the Wild Side

The first act is dedicated to the Ritual of Medimex, an event that has become a summer tradition in Taranto.

The city is waking up, and the audience is preparing for the event. The Medimex 2023 spaceship starts its journey into a renewed Taranto. Its skyline resembles New York from the 70s but with a deco-futuristic look, floating cars, and crazy traffic lights. A seagull fly unveils the main scene. The people of Taranto join and celebrate the Medimex, entering the Aragonese Castle that becomes a stage for the event.

The Idea - One Way Or Another

The second act represents the idea, specifically the birth of a musical idea and combining various ideas to create a more complex composition.

The band members join together to create the arrangement of the music, and the idea is born. This part of the show is a tribute to the music professionals who bring the music on stage.

The Craft - Psycho Killer

The third act, dedicated to the craft, represents the organization, the machinery that makes these events possible. It's a celebration of the unseen efforts and structured chaos that pave the way for these artistic expressions to come to life.

The Dream - I Wanna Be Sedated

Finally, the dream represents the unity of all these components: the audience, the artists, and the organizational team. It's where the rhythm, craft, and sound culminate into a dreamlike experience, echoing the core themes of Medimex and showcasing the fulfillment of our creative journey.

Our goal was to create a unique and groundbreaking experience that portrayed the festival as a musical event and a dynamic canvas of evolving art and technology.

We invite our audience, the professionals from the entertainment industry, to stay engaged with Blending Pixels for more updates and behind-the-scenes insights.

Our journey continues as we explore new horizons, pushing the limits of what's possible with graphic artistry and digital projection.

We always intend to craft unforgettable experiences that resonate with our audience and exceed their expectations.


Projected AR Experience by

Blending Pixels

Creative Direction

Roberto Santoro

Motion Design and Animation

Fabrizio Centonze

Francesca Cianniello

Ubaldo Leporale

Audio-Video Technician

Eugenio Laddago

Technical Director

Pino Loconsole

Audio-Video Equipment Renthal

Luci di Scena

Thanks to...

Medimex Artistic Director

Cesare Veronico

Medimex Communication Manager

Paola Troia

Medimex Graphic Designer

Tommaso Armenise

Radio Medimex

Corrado Minervini

Sound Tracks

Lou Reed - Walk on the Wild Side

Blondie - One Way Or Another (Remastered 2001)

Talking Heads - Psycho Killer (2005 Remaster)

The Ramones - I Wanna Be Sedated (Remastered)

The Velvet Underground, Nico - Sunday Morning

Teatro Pubblico Pugliese

Consorzio Regionale per le Arti e la Cultura


Paolo Ponzio

Vice president

Marco Giannotta

Board members

Maddalena Tulanti, Viviana Peloso, Salvatore Maria Sangiorgi


Sante Levante

Manager responsible for regional projects

Claudia Sergio

Puglia Sounds and Medimex Artistic Coordinator

Cesare Veronico

Artistic Direction

Ernesto Assante, Stefano Senardi, Giorgio Riccitelli

Organization and general production

Ella Gaeta, Rino Binetti

Coordination of professional activities

Maddalena Ciocca

Coordination meeting with the artists

Antonella Dipierro

Coordination of Medimex Music Factory and Musicarium activities

Alessandra Bisconti

International relations

Cristina Fina

General secretary

Gabriella Morisco, Sabina Meta


Paola Troia

Press office

Luciano Rutigliano

Social Media

Serena Manieri


Tommaso Armenise

Support for communication activities and web

Nicola Quacquarelli


Antonio Tuzza


Lello Petrone, Ferdinando Cocco

Administration and accounting

Elvira Nardone, Marta Francioso, Francesco Fiore

Marianna Capotorto, Maria Fornarelli, Ciro Rutigliano

Pino Santoro, Sante Livrano


Fabrizio Visconti, Rosangela Coroneo

Our finest production

for the Opera