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Just as pixels, we are part of a broader picture. We share the same canvas to express ourselves, exploring the relationship between shapes and colors, contour and meaning. By blending us together, we become greater than the sum of our single selves.

...and what we do

Blending Pixels is a collective of artists, writers, designers, and technicians, specialized in content creation for large-scale projects, set and visual design for opera and performing arts, and development of engaging, interactive experiences.


Our endeavors to bring

Public Art to the Street

Medimex 2024

Projected AI Experience

INFINITE LOOP - AI Endless Exploration is Blending Pixels' contribution to the Medimex 2024 edition, which focuses on Artificial Intelligence as one of its central themes.

In this Projectied AI Experience, we explored and aimed to represent how Artificial Intelligence can inspire new forms of artistic and audiovisual expression, transforming how we create, perceive, and experience images and music.

Our latest


AI Digital Dance - Infinity Room

@ Nanjing, China

On July 26th the Oriental Metropolitan Museum, in Nanjing, China and on December 9th in Guangzhou unveiled an exhibition titled "The Gift of the Gods."

This exhibit presents an extensive array of artifacts from Apulia, Italy including intricately painted ceramics, sculptures, paintings, terracotta pieces and exquisite gold craftsmanship. It draws viewers in with its link between civilizations and modern times.

Our finest production

for the Opera